Let's quit with the "What the fuck happened to" images.

Women: What the fuck happened 1

People who buy into this nonsense have no concept of reason, and their lack of discernment puts us all at risk.

The same kind of bullshit side-by-side comparison propaganda technique was used by the Nazis to convince Germans that Jews are shitty.

Women: What the fuck happened 2

Now I'm not saying Jews aren't shitty, and I'm not claiming that finding monochromatic women sexy makes you a nazi. What I'm saying is - the same level of idiocy is required to find truth in any of these images. You're basically developing a frame of reference based on nothing. You weren't alive in the 50s. What the fuck do you know about women back then? And just like Nazis who were persuaded by propaganda, this general lack of discernment makes you a danger to society.

Women: What the fuck happened 2

Here's what happened - someone took an image of the most iconic, quintessential female of the entire century, and compared her to some dunty cunt-nugget. It's really not a fair comparison.

Like there were no sluts in the 50s. Like the year 2000 hit and all of a sudden girls decided, "Hey, let's enjoy sex." The only difference between the 50s and 10s is that now sluts have access to cameras.

Girls have been getting drunk and making terrible sexual decisions since the dawn of time. Whether it's caught on film or not.

Women: What the fuck happened 3

This image compares a woman to a girl. The one on the left is.. 27? And the girl on the right is, at most, barely legal. Of course she has less sex appeal than a sex symbol of the 50s, not to mention her hair looks like roadkill.

These images are comparing the HOTTEST girls of the 1950s with RANDOM girls of the 2000s.

Secondly, I don't know who the young woman on the left is.. granted she's pretty hot, but for the record, you know you'd spunk in the nasty girl's raccoony stupid face. Don't play innocent.

50s movie star vs bestiality.. There's really no validity to any of this nonsense. It's total bullshit. It's exploiting your brain's emotional response to imagery in order to manipulate your thoughts. Hence the nature of propaganda. Hence why it's relevant that, because you buy into this shit, you're a bad person.

I honestly think the world would be a better place if people put more bullshit filters between their sensory input and their opinions.

Truth be told.. you could use the same system to prove girls have gotten worse..

Women: Im glad it happened

Comparing men is just as false.

Men: What the fuck happened 1

How do you compare a white man in the 50s to to a black kid now? Why don't you compare a black kid from the 50s with a black kid now? Then you'll see "what the fuck happened." Civil Rights is what the fuck happened. It's called progress, shithead.

Men: What the fuck happened 2

This compares a middle aged man with a gay kid. Sure, you didn't see kids looking like that in the 50s. Fair enough. Why? Because a kid dressed like that would get his ass beaten for being a faggot. What's changed since then isn't lack of manliness. Gays were equally gay in the 50s, they just weren't sociallly allowed to express their gayness.

These comparisons between generations are purely hocus pocus Jesus logic. You might as well worship the bible as the word of god if you're going to have this shitty of a calibration for reason.

Music: What the fuck happened 1

Music: What the fuck happened 1

Justin Beiber vs Curt Kobain and John Lennon? Seriously? You're really going to talk shit about some poor little boy because his singing doesn't measure up to the most influential musicians of the past century?

Stop ripping on Justin Beiber. He's a boy. Just let the boy sing. Why do you care so much? It's not like he's breaking into your house at 2am and singing to you while you're trying to sleep. Pop culture really is not that intrusive. I've honestly never heard a Justin Beiber song. And it's not that I avoid it. I wake up in the morning, work, eat, take a shit, go out to shows, watch some movies, rent a vagina, go to sleep. Accidentally hearing Justin Beiber is just never an issue with me..

Here's another one that's been around since like 2003 that people are STILL posting like it's a profound realization.

Music: What the fuck happened 2

Jimmy Hendrix is a legendary musician, I'll give you that. But who is the second guy, and most importantly, how did you get enough of a frame of reference to make an opinion on him? Do you not know anything better? Like.. in your brain, are you thinking, "Ugh.. those musicians on the top 40s radio are the only musicians alive right now and they ALL suck. Where did the TALENT go?"

These are the last 3 songs I listened to.. STRANGELY ENOUGH, none of them are on any top 100 chart.

Irish post-rock: God is an Astronaut - All is Violent, All is Bright
Indy post-punk revival: Interpol - Mammoth
Swedish joyprog: Moon Safari - Heartland

That's a starting point. Follow the related links for a seemingly endless fractallation of genres and sub-genres of new musical innovation and "talent."

At the end of the day.. the truth remains - Justin Beiber is probably STILL more "talented" than 99.9% of everyone who lived in the 1900s.

If you ask me, the one obvious thing about our culture that's getting worse is people's ability to discern and compartmentalize ideas.

Maybe the problem isn't that girls are getting uglier and music is getting worse. Maybe the problem is that you have no idea what's up and down anymore.

Anyway, I made this image. It's more sarcastic than anything.. but I'm intentionally leaving it out of any context because I know you'll just take it seriously if I do.

Logical Comparisons - What the fuck happened

The depressing fact of life is.. the majority of the people who found this article were just looking for the "Women: What the fuck happened" images in order to further propogate them on their various social media outlets and what not. Which depresses the shit out of me. I think funny images are funny, but when the humor is grounded in a false truth, I guess it just bothers me.

Anyway, I guess just keep spreading idiocy like an idiot, idiot. We'll see how this pans out in the future.

Speaking of the future -

Logical Comparisons - What the fuck happened

Let's get with the program, zombie day. Enough hype already, get on with it.

January 27th, 2012

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